Kiss the Moon Dream competition January 2016
January 12, 2016 - in Category: Night-time Know How About Us
Dream Journal & DREAM After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon

Want to track your dreams? We might be able to help.  Check out our dream competition…


Did you know that most of us dream at least three times a night – though the vast majority of our dreams go unnoticed by our conscious minds.

We know that dreaming tends to happen in the deepest part of our sleep cycle, making us unaware of most of them and even the ones we do register tend to be hard to recall as they are often only fleetingly part of our conscious memory. Yet knowing what we dream about can help us make sense of events taking place in our lives and a way to help us understand our subconscious.

One tip: If you want to track your dreams, write them down the minute you wake up

A chance to win

We’ve got a five kits for wannabe dreamcatchers to give away this month. Each one contains one of our travel-size DREAM After Dark Bath Oils to help you get in to a deep and lovely sleep. Plus a handsome DREAM Journal to write down where your mind takes you in the night. Enter via our competition link at the bottom of our home page.


Happy dreaming and good luck. xx

DREAM Signature Blend by Kiss the Moon


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