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March 30, 2015 - in Category: Beautiful Bathtimes
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DIY season is upon us.  If you are wondering which bit of your home to turn your attention to this year, could we make a suggestion? How about adding a bit of va va voom to the smallest room in the house. Bathrooms need your love and they deserve it. After all, they’re probably the only room in your home where you can lock the door and have a well earned bit of peace and quiet.  Here are some suggestions on ways to make your bathroom a beautiful space to hang out in…


1. De-clutter

With all the tempting lotions and potions on offer these days, it’s easy to see why most of us have over-cluttered bathroom shelves. Just because you might own more shampoo than is strictly necessary, doesn’t mean you have to showcase it all. Streamline down to the stuff that you need at hand every day, hide the ugly ones behind closed doors and store the rest in labelled boxes so you can find them when you need them without them having to be in your way every time you turn round.

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2. Add greenery

All those white, shiny porcelain surfaces packed in to small space can make a bathroom feel cold and harsh compared to the rest of the house. Balance things out bringing in some nature. Choose something that will work with the light and temperature levels available. Whether you opt for a cluster if moisture loving plants or just a simple jar of blooms – a little bit of greenery is an easy way to soften the edges and change the feel of the room.

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3. Add a rug or two

There seems to be a bit of a rug revolution going on. Rugs seem to popping up in all kinds of unexpected places and the latest of which is in the bathroom. Warm and comfy underfoot, flexible enough to let you change the look of the space in a heartbeat and easy enough to hang up and dry off if they get a little splashed. Time to pack away the bath mats and roll out the rugs.

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4. Get arty

The best bathrooms are spaces you want to linger in – whether it is soaking in the bath or painting your toe nails. So make sure there’s something there to capture the imagination. We get that moisture levels mean than you might not hang your Picasso masterpiece in there – but a well ventilated room can still have pictures on the wall. Or think sideways and opt for non paper decorative objects – plates, metals, even sculpture. Whatever gets your creative juices going and adds interest to the the space.

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5. The power of smell

Our sense of smell has the power to change the way we feel. Given our bathrooms are spaces where we transform ourselves – both at the start and end of the day, they’re a perfect place to tap in to the power of aroma. Have a ready supply of your favourite aromatherapy products in your bathroom to scent the space as well as yourself. Vary the aromas over time so your don’t get sensitised to them – it will help make sure they stay effective (that’s why we’ve got four signature blends in our Kiss the Moon range so you can swap them round as you fancy). Tailoring scents through the different parts of the day means they can help give you a lift in the morning and lull you to sleep at night.



6. Light for all occasions

When it comes to bathroom lighting, flexibility is the key. Think through different scenarios through the day and night to suss out what you need. Natural light is great for applying daytime makeup; bright light works best for making the most of your skincare routines and low lighting or candles set the mood for night time baths.

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7. Stay warm

No one wants to linger in a frosty bathroom. Keep things toasty with the help of heated towel rails. If you have radiators, check their heat capacity before fitting them to make sure it is enough for the whole space and bleed them regularly to make sure they are kicking out maximum heat. Invest in good a quality blind to block drafts. And have a oversized bath robe within close reach just in case.

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8. Vintage finds

Adding a few old objects in between the shiny new ones provides a nice contrast. We love the odd beaten up, imperfect surface added to the mix. Whether it’s an industrial metal side table or a favourite old wooden chair – make a bit of space for the imperfect objects that can add texture and help you create a space that’s original and yours all yours.

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