Beautiful Bedrooms
August 28, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How We Love
Beautiful bedrooms

We each spend a third of our life in bed. That’s a pretty long time. Take away a few nights for holidays and the odd overnight trip, and that still means the room you spend most of your time in is your bedroom. If that’s not a good excuse to make it look beautiful then we don’t know what is.  

Here are five bedrooms we’ve spotted in the last few weeks and that have won our hearts. We love the way they delight all the senses and use smart design tricks to create a space that ‘s a perfect haven to curl up and fall asleep.


1. The nook

Beautiful bedroom - spotted on

Built in to a window alcove, the angles of this space could have been a negative. Not in the hands of interiors designer Angela Robinson who decided to wall paper up and over the space, turning it in to a calm blue cave to sleep in.  We love the idea of using wallpaper to define the sleeping space and the denim hue is a perfect backdrop for night time. Spotted on – read the whole story and get more inspiration from this fab interiors website here.


2. Calm & casual


Neutral colour palettes are a way to keep thing calm and elegant but can get boring. We love the way this room featuring keeps lovely goodies from Australian brand, Norsu Interiors – keeps things interesting through texture and casually arranged art. Linen and fur – what’s not to love in that combination? Large pictures resting on the ground, crumpled linens and a fake fur flung over the end of the bed all add up to relaxed room where you can let your hair down. Spotted on pinterest via

Styling by Julia Green and Jacqui Moore from Greenhouse Interiors, and photography by Lisa Cohen


3. Look up

Beautiful bedrooms spotted by Kiss the Moon

The last thing we see at night and the first thing we see on waking is probably the lampshade above our bed. So it makes sense to make it as gorgeous as you can muster. This modern twist on a chandelier fits the bill perfectly and gives this traditional room the wow factor. Find something similar at

Image spotted on pinterest via


4. Go dark


Imagine how deliciously dark it would be in here with the lights out. Light is the main signal our bed uses to know when to flip in to sleep mode so making your deeply dark makes lots of sense.  These chalkboard walls from interior-fashion blog Mrs Jones fit the bill perfectly. Dark doesn’t have to mean black of course. A deep navy, underwater teal; delicious chocolate or slate grey all have their charms. Our current favourite – an earthy tone of purply-brown called Pelt from Farrow & Ball.

Image by Mrs Jones Photography via pinterest &


5. Lovely lighting


Lighting in your bedroom has to work hard. Bright enough to let you read, directable enough not to wake the person next to you, gentle enough not to startle.  And of course, it needs to look the part. This industrial style lamp ticks all the boxes without eating up space on the bedside table.

Image from Ashe + Leandro via pinterest



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