Beauty Sleep Shortcuts
April 18, 2017 - in Category: Skincare Tips
Beauty Sleep Shortcuts from Kiss the Moon

In a perfect world, we’d each have 40 minutes at the end of every day to do a really thorough evening skincare routine. But let’s face it – who has time for that? Here are three night-time beauty shortcuts that save you time and effort and that will help you care for your skin as it repairs itself over night. 


Add a drop of face oil in to your night time moisturiser for added oomph

Skin needs a moisture hit as well as a nutrient boost at night. If you have no time to layer on serums, oils and moisturisers one at at a time, we have an idea. Just add a drop of a top quality face oil to your existing moisturiser to give the nutrient boost your skin needs overnight. Each of our After Dark Face Oils contain the natural beauty superstar – Rosehip Seed Oil (high in age-defying Vitamin A) as well as anti-oxidant Wheatgerm & White Tea Seed Oils. Plus the signature blends of essential oils that we’ve developed to help lull you to sleep.

A little skin tlc before bed will help you wake up with plump glowing skin, so there’s less need for a complex make up routine the next morning.

To find out more about our three face oils and find the one that best matches your skin type click here

After Dark Face Oil by Kiss the Moon



Exfoliate while you soak

We’re all for multi-tasking when it comes to a night-time beauty routine. A bath works wonders to help you relax in to sleep mode and if you can do your end of day skincare while you soak then even better. Once a week, put time aside to do a bit of a DIY facial while you soak. Our GLOW After Dark Face Polish is a perfect Sunday night treatment to get rid of dead surface cells and leave your skin softer and smoother.

Cleanse your face before you get in the bath then apply the Brown Sugar & Mango Butter exfoliator and massage gently. You’ll notice the sugar start to dissolve, smoothing away the dead cells as it does. Continue until the mango butter kicks in to do it’s job of softening. Rinse off with clean water.

The Orange & Geranium essential oils in there makes whole treatment smell like a ray of warm summer sunshine, so you’ll emerge not just glowing but also relaxed.

GLOW After Dark Face Polish - Beauty Awards 2016



Shower instead of bathe

No time to bathe on an night? No worries. Our After Dark Bath Oils are 100% natural so you can massage them directly on to your skin and use in the shower on evenings when you don’t the time or energy to take a bath.

Because they contain jojoba & coconut oils you’ll step out ready moisturised, no need to reach for the body lotion. Just pop on your pjs and head straight to bed.

Kiss the Moon After Dark Bath Oils






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