Bedroom Makeover: Wow Walls
April 13, 2017 - in Category: We Love
Wow Bedroom Walls - loved by Kiss the Moon

We think your bedroom should be the most gorgeous room in the house. It makes sense when you think how much of your life you spend in there.  Research has shown that sleeping in a space which makes you feel calm and happy leads to a more restful night’s sleep. If your bedroom is due a bit of a makeover then here’s a bit of inspiration for you. Five walls with the wow factor that could turn your bedroom in to an amazing place to lay your head. A perfect DIY project for the long weekend don’t you think?


Five ways to add a bit of wow to your bedroom walls…


1. Sharpie Art

Wow Bedroom Walls - loved by Kiss the Moon

How beautiful is this? This gold pen mural has been drawn directly on to on black walls to stunning effect. This one is by artist Marilyn Rondon (photo by Jason Campbell). We’re not talented enough to do this ourselves but we bet we can find a good local artist who is. We’re tempted…



2. Go Abstract

Wow Bedroom Walls - loved by Kiss the Moon

Hand sketching might be a bit beyond our skill set but creating an abstract piece of wall art is definitely do able. We love this blue smudge design and it’d be a piece of cake to create. This one is actually a wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper but we’re all for going a bit Van Gogh and having a try ourselves with waterbed paints. Fancy it?

Deep Blue Waves Watercolour Wall Mural £25 per sq metre from



3. Fantasy World

Wow Bedroom Walls - loved by Kiss the Moon

Talking of murals – if you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a forest, in deep space or under the ocean then here’s how. Murals Wallpaper have over 500 amazing prints that they can tailor to your space to create a fantasy bedroom setting that’s as big as your imagination. If you’d rather go classical than wild then try the maps. We love this London street map design.

Classic London Street Map Wall Mural £25 per sq meter from



4. Beautiful Botanicals

Wow Bedroom Walls - loved by Kiss the Moon

Once upon a time floor wallpapers used to mean ditsy and dainty. No longer. There are some amazing patterned prints for nature lovers out there at the moment and you can go as bold as you like (and why not, the bedroom is the one space when you can indulge your own tastes and have no-one (other than your other half maybe) to answer to). We say go for it and make a statements – whether that’s big and bold or dark and dramatic. Our current favourite – this Floral Botanical Blackboard design by Minerva. Light it right and it’ll look like a gorgeous English garden in the moonlight.

Muriva Botanical Blackboard Teal (601549) £24.99 per roll available from



5. Dream Pinboard 

Wow bedroom walls loved by Kiss the Moon .

Why pick one design when you can have a hundred and change them whenever the mood takes you? Our Kiss the Moon HQ has a giant inboard wall made by glueing on cork floor tiles then painting over them and then decorating with some of our favourite images. We call it our inspiration wall. We think it would make a great backdrop for a bedroom wall. What do you reckon?

Check out the cork products available from the





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