Charlotte Street Hotel: Sleepover Review
January 22, 2015 - in Category: Hotel Sleepovers
Charlotte Street Hotel, London

Here’s another one of our bedroom reports, this time from a recent Kiss the Moon visit to one of our favourite places to stay in London – the Charlotte Street Hotel.  While this one definitely has a place in our heart, we’ve kept our comments objective so you can judged how good a night’s kip you are likely to get if you pay them a visit…

Comfort level: 9 out of 10 – Top quality beds that are always perfectly dressed with just the right balance of comfort (plump pillows; snowy white cotton bedspread, cushions aplenty) and style (thanks to the colourful touches from designer Kit Kemp). Larger rooms and suites have kingsize beds and feather cushions sofas to curl up on.

Noise level: 7 out of 10 – Well it’s right bang in the heart of central London so what can you expect?  The double glazed windows keep most of the noise at bay but it’s work asking for a room on a higher floor.  We prefer the front facing rooms over the ones at the back of the building as clattering bottles being cleared up by the pub behind the hotel can be an issue in the early hours if you are unlucky.

Light level: 9 out of 10 –  Lots of well thought out (and lovely to look at) lighting options mean you can control the brightness you need through your stay.  Top quality blackout blinds and curtains that close right too means you know you are not going to get woken by the first splash of daylight.

Temperature level: 8 out of 10 – Reliant on the aircon but at least it works and it’s been cleverly planned so you don’t have to sleep in a jet stream.  Windows only open a few inches though, so fresh air isn’t really an option.

Care level: 10 out of 10 – Some of the best hotel staff we have come across anywhere.  These guys are professionals – charming and helpful.  We like.

Total score: 5 ZZzzz’s out of 6 – Sweet Dreams


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