Feburary 2017 Inspiration: Precious Beauty
January 31, 2017 - in Category: About Us

February. A month for a romance and shows of affection. We’re all for that of course, but just as special as the grand gestures are the little every day moments of beauty that surround each of us every day. Blink and you might miss them but they’re there. A gift of a single flower for example, or a handwritten note. The wag of a dog’s tail when you come home or a cup of tea in bed that gives you a few more priceless minutes of rest. They’re the simple pleasures that can speak volumes and make us feel cherished. Share the love this month. In lots of tiny precious ways.


Feb17 Inspiration Board - Precious Beauty


Images from the Kiss the Moon team and spotted on pinterest. See more of what we love by following our boards pinterest.com/kissthemoonxx


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