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May 27, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How Beautiful Bathtimes
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Have a look at your feet – how do they look?  After months being scrunched up in boots, it’s time to let them lose. And with the stores full of a million sandals to lust over, now’s the time to get them loved up and ready to show.  Did you know that your Kiss the Moon After Dark Bath Oils make a perfect treat for your feet?

Feet don’t demand much attention most of the time so they’re often a bit neglected when it comes to our regular beauty routines.  But cracked heels and painful blisters are no fun at all. To keep your skin tip to toe lovely this summer means we need to give your feet a bit of love too.

Margaret Dabbs foot care expert and founder of specialist foot care clinic Margaret Dabbs London has good advice to share on how to help feet cope with the summer.   

“We automatically hydrate and protect the skin on our face, it’s second nature. The skin and health of our feet is often an afterthought – only when there is a problem, such as painful cracked heels or severe dehydration do we reach for a solution. We should also be aware that the feet age in exactly the same way as the face, the skin thins, the sub cutaneous fat layer is lost and the sweat glands reduce in effectiveness, even more reason to protect and nourish your feet” – Margaret explains.

If you’re anywhere near London – make sure you book an appointment for an uber pedicure at her salon in Marylebone or the one tucked away in the middle of Liberty, Regent Street. Well worth the time and you’ll emerge with perfect tootsies and some great advice on how to keep them that way.


Here are our top tips on how to give your feet the love they need to stay looking their best and how we can help:


Once a month:

  • Book in for a pedicure and let the experts lose on your toenails and toughened skin Regular pedicures through the summer with someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to foot care are essential to help you keep your feet at their best.  Keeping toenails short and cut correctly sidesteps painful issues such as ingrown toenails and monthly filing away of tough skin helps to prevent cracked heels. Having an expert eye involved means that any nasty issues such as fungal nail infections, versa or blisters can be spotted and headed off before they become big issues.  Plus you’ll always have a perfect painted ready to show toenails. So many colours to choose and so few toes…


Once a week:

  • Treat yourself to an at home foot bath Ease your aching feet and keep skin baby soft by soaking your feet weekly in a soothing night-time foot bath.
  1. The expert advice is to do a bit of gentle filing with a pumice stone or foot file on your feet’s tougher bits while skin is still dry.  We’d struggle to make it through flip-flop season without our Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File being part of our bathroom kit.
  2. Next use a foot scrub to smooth away the dead skin on the surface.  We love this DIY recipe from www.littlegirldesigns.com for a Brown Sugar Foot Scrub that you can make out of things you’ll find in your kitchen cupboard.
  3. Soak in a warm foot bath – add some epsom salts to smooth skin and ease aches.  You can also add a little splash of one of our Kiss the Moon Bath Oils for a lovely indulgent treat and to take advantage of the power of the soothing essential oils they contain.  If you suffer from cracked heels we recommend our GLOW blend as its brilliantly nourishing for dry skin and the myrrh it contains has been used for centuries as a powerful skin healer.  For achy feet try DREAM – beautifully soothing and good for easing muscle pains.
  4. Finish by giving yourself a lovely foot rub just before bed. Because our products are 100% natural you can use them directly on the skin and don’t need to worry about washing them off, so they’re lovely for a massage like this one.  The Golden Jojoba in our bath oils will leave your skin super nourished and of course they’ll smell amazing.  We recommend a foot massage just before bed so the oils can do their thing overnight and you’ll get maximum benefits. Just have your slippers on hand as your feet will be a bit slippy on hard surfaces.


Once a day:

  • Cleanse and moisturise morning and evening Keep your feet clean, smooth and fresh smelling by giving them a good wash in the shower each morning then treat them to a pick-me-up foot cream. We love the zippy peppermint scent of Bliss Foot Patrol (£18.50 for 75ml).  On an evening, wash feet again to get rid of the day.  Soaking in a warm bath is great for tired feet as the warm water will relax the muscles.  If you are using a good bath oil then you’ll step out ready moisturised. Otherwise, apply a rich foot create to still damp feet – we love L’Occitane’s Shea Butter version (£28 for 150ml). Apply liberally, paying special attention to your heels and then pop on some clean socks and head to bed for a super intense nourishing treatment while you sleep.

Kiss the Moon DREAM After Dark Bath Oil feet made fabulous by Kiss the Moon



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