Five ways to fall asleep in silk
February 8, 2017 - in Category: Night-time Know How
Sleep in Silk by Kiss the Moon

The feel of silk next to the skin is a true luxury. Not only supremely comfortable, silk is breathable, making it an ideal fabric for night-time. Silk helps regulate body temperature by drawing air away from our skin to keep us cool in Summer, while also trapping it to keep us warm in Winter. It’s pricy, of course. But if you get the chance, sleeping in silk is definitely something special. It’s also kind of sexy. We feel a Valentine’s Day hint coming on. Here are five ways to add a touch of silk to bedtime…


1. The Gown


Slip on this beautiful silk gown and prepare to lounge. Made from satin silk with french seams and a wide belt to cinch in your waist. It’s just begging to be invited to breakfast on the balcony don’t you think?Signature Kimono in Night Orchid – £135 from Violet & Wren



2. The Romper Suit

Vesper Charleston by Hesper Fox

Oh how we love the slinky styling and beautiful prints of Hesper Fox silk nightwear collection. A little bit 1920’s (lovely) and glamorous enough to lounge in. Top of our wish list is the Vesper Charleston romper. Just enough flirt for the boudoir and comfy at the same time. Yes please. Vesper Charleston – £170 from Hesper Fox 



3. The Pillowcase

Six ways to sleep in silk from Kiss the Moon

Iluminate Skin Rejuvenating Pillow feels like silk but is in fact made from an innovative new fabric which is infused with copper oxide, a mineral said to fight wrinkles and smooth skin while you sleep. Just pop it over you usual pillow. Machine washable. Available from £50




4. The Pyjamas

Silk Stretch PJ's from Yolke

And now for something a little extra special. Yolke pjs are not only beautiful, they are also as comfortable as a second skin. Made from 94% silk and 6% elastane with gives them just a tiny amount of stretch. Just enough to stop them riding up and to let them hug your curves. These are beautiful to sleep in but so gorgeous they are good enough to dress up and go out in too. Just add heels and sparkles. We dare you… Flora Stretch Silk Pyjama Suit in Cherry Rose – £295 from Yolke



5. The Duvet

Silk duvet by The White Company

Super-soft and lightweight, this cotton sateen duvet is filled with mulberry silk floss and tussah silk filling, which is naturally anti-microbial so it stays free from dust mites. Perfect for everyone, even allergy sufferers. No need to wash: simply air outside on a sunny day. Silk Duvet – from £145 from The White Company



6. The Sleep Mask & friends

LOVE Sleep Recovery Set by Kiss the Moon

Nestled inside our Sleep Recovery Sets is everything you need to get your sleep back on track and leave your skin silky smooth. Inside you’ll find a travel-sized bottle of our award-winning After Dark Face Oil and three After Dark Bath Oils. Choose from the warm orange citrussy GLOW (perfect to restore skin that’s feeling a little dry or dehydrated) or our rose-infused LOVE blend (perfect to rejuvenate your skin overnight). Each set also contains one of our pure Silk Sleep Masks to block out the light and make sure you don’t miss a minute of precious beauty sleep. Unlike lots of eye masks, ours isn’t just pure silk on the outside, but on the inside too so it’s superbly comfortable. If you are going away for the weekend or travelling anywhere long haul, don’t forget to take us with you. Kiss the Moon Sleep Recovery Set in LOVE or GLOW – £28 from


Sleep beautifully everyone.



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