How sleep helps your skin to glow
March 31, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How Skincare Tips
Kiss the Moon, sleep better

Ever wondered why skin looks tired after a few bad nights sleep?  Human skin’s smooth and firm appearance is thanks to a protein known as collagen. When we are in the deep sleep stage, our body releases the growth hormone that is needed to create collagen and keep skin looking its best. Poor sleep actually creates a double whammy for our skin as it causes the body to release a stress hormone called cortisol which suppresses collagen production.  Not enough collagen and skin soon looses its glow – instead showing fine lines, a more papery texture and dark circles under the eyes. So sleep really is the best anti-ageing treatment for our face.

Source: Night School by R Wiseman; Beauty Sleep by M Breus

Image spotted  on pinterest


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