Blue light – the wake up light
May 11, 2014 - in Category: Night-time Know How
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I’ve just read a really interesting article in The Economist’s Intelligent Life magazine (there’s always something in there that gets you thinking – give it a try if you haven’t already). This time it was shedding more light on the issue of…light.  It seems it’s the blue light waves that matter most when it comes to helping us regulate our sleep.  Blue light levels are naturally high in the morning and this sends a signal to our bodies to set our internal circadian rhythms to wake up mode. As the blue rays fall through the day, we get sleepier. However, computer screens and smart phones give off heaps of blue light too, confusing our internal body clocks. So spending time in front of a screen at night could be one reason why people are increasingly finding it hard to get to sleep. The Blue Light Society – a group of scientists dedicated to working out how light impacts on the way we live and our health, recommends no screens after 9pm so you can have a couple of blue light free hours before bed.

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