Jojoba know-how
October 4, 2015 - in Category: Beautiful Bathtimes About Us
Jojoba - Kiss the Moon

What makes Golden Jojoba Oil such an amazing ingredient to help look after dry skin? We take a quick look at this natural moisturising hero.


Jojoba’s power comes from the fact that chemically, it closely resembles human sebum – the oil our skin produces naturally. This affinity with human skin means it can nourish and protect very effectively. No wonder it is so relied on by the beauty industry as a natural way to boost the way skin feels and looks. It is particularly high in vitamin E and contains a natural plant wax which mimics human collagen.

We’ve added a shot to our After Dark Bath Oils to give them an extra luxurious feel and help to deliver deep levels of overnight skin nourishment.  It means the that when you step out from the tub you’ll be ready moisturised from top to toe.  Just pop on your pjs and off you go to bed.

GLOW After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon



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