Life by LDE – 7th July 2015
July 7, 2015 - in Category: Press Reviews
Life by LDE review for Kiss the Moon

“Kiss the Moon is a North Yorkshire based company, and their main ethos is a focus on night-time wellbeing. There’s so many products on the market that focus on looking and feeling good during the day, but Kiss the Moon want to master that same importance of wellbeing during the night-time. Their range of face and bath oils have been created with nature’s most soothing oils, and use a handcrafted blend of essential flowers – all individually chosen for their relaxation, nourishing and restoring features.


There are four different scent blends that Kiss the Moon currently have; Love, Glow, Calm and Dream. I’ve been lucky enough to sample all four of them at least once across the product range, and I have to say they’re all beautiful! To read about the individual blends of each scent, click across to the Kiss the Moon website. I absolutely love that it says which scent is perfect for whatever you feel you need at the time.

Like by LDE review for Kiss the Moon
Love is perfect for those in need of a hug.

Glow is perfect for chasing worries away.

Calm is perfect for overactive minds.

Dream is perfect for soothing the soul at bedtime.

Based on those four descriptions, the one which suits me the most is Calm – which just happens to be the one I love the most! Calm is infused with Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood – and is “designed to help ease away the pressures of the day and rebalance stressed out skin”. Couldn’t get a more perfect sounding product for me to be honest!


What I love about the bath oils is that there is no need to moisturise when you get out of the bath. You simply pour a few drops into the bath, have a gorgeous relaxing chill for a bit (take a book, listen to some music, do whatever you like in there) then when you step out you can just towel off and get into your pyjamas for bed! Anything that saves me the task of moisturising gets a big thumbs up in my book.

Like by LDE review for Kiss the Moon

I love the Kiss the Moon products, even down to their subtle black packaging with only the slightest hints of colour – it’s a look I am a fan of. I love that the products actually work as well, and that as they are oils they do not cause any undue grease or problem areas to my skin.”


Read the whole post and more from Lorna Dee Evans on her Life by LDE blog

lorna dee evans review by Kiss the Moon

Life by LDE review of Kiss the Moon

Thank you Lorna for the great feedback.  Can’t wait to show you the new products we’re working on for Christmas (more on these soon!)


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