Maintain your holiday high
September 3, 2015 - in Category: Beautiful Bathtimes Skincare Tips
catch your breathe - maintain your holiday high

The summer is coming to a close and the holiday season is almost over for another year. Hopefully you’ve had chance to kick off your shoes and restore yourself in these warmer months. We love that feeling when you come back from holiday a picture of calm and in touch with the world again. The challenge is how to maintain that natural high once real life takes over again. Here are seven tips on how to keep your mind, body and soul in holiday high mode…


Good for your mind

Maintain the holiday high - Good for the mind

1. Take time to explore

Holidays bring out the adventurer in all of us. Being in unfamiliar surroundings tends to prompt us all to do things we’d never consider doing at home. Somehow our natural sense of curiosity kicks in and we say ‘yes’ when we would normally say ‘no’ to things that are new and different. When we return home, it’s all too easy for this exploration mindset to be put back in its box.

This year, why not keep that sense of wonder alive and make a pledge to explore the place you live. Act like a tourist in your own town and do something every few weeks that you might otherwise have passed on. This might be finding out about your home town’s history; making a conscious decision to be part of the local art and entertainment scene; travelling on an open top bus or paying a visit to a local landmark. Where ever you are in the country, we bet there’s something new to learn and something interesting going on. It’s just about getting out there and taking time out to find it.


2. Dedicate some ‘me time’

The other thing holidays bring is a bit of time just for you. We all need it a bit of ‘me-time’ but we know that real life has a habit of eating in to every spare minute.  You are left running from pillar to post – no time to think, no time for you. We don’t have a magic wand to change this (sadly) but our tip is to ring-fence a bit of time each week that’s just for you to do what you want with. We all need time with our own thoughts to helps us to make sense of everything. Whether it’s Sunday afternoon on the allotment or a a walk every morning with the dog – make time for it and protect it from everything else that’s going on. Consider this an imperative rather than an indulgence. Ask those around you for help. Once they understand how important to you it is, we bet they’ll help make it happen.

Our favourite type of me-time? End of the day pamper sessions of course. Lock that bathroom door, run a bath and drift a while.


Good for your body

Kiss the Moon, relaxing bath oil


3. Eat like a local

One of the loveliest things about a holiday is trying new cuisines. The most memorable meals we’ve eaten are the ones made with seasonal local ingredients – bursting with freshness and usually originating just a stone’s through from where you eat it. They also tend to be cooked with a lightness of touch. The tastes and smells of the place you are visiting that creates memories that linger.  It’s making our mouths water just thinking about it.

When you get home keep, keep plugged in to the seasons. The easiest way to stay close to the crops (and save money too) is to shop at your local market. Or check out for the monthly lowdown. Choosing fresh food that changes month by month is a great way to eat, wherever in the world you are.  Cook from fresh, sit down and eat together – holiday eating habits for all year round.


4. Love your skin

Our skin often gets neglected through the winter, but when the sun comes out and we take our woolies off it’s all change.  Cue the body brushing and lathering on moisturiser – all the better to keep that tan.  Gentle cleaning, regular rounds of exfoliation and daily moisturisation are good habits to get in to and to maintain – whatever the weather. Remember that skin rejuvenates itself at night so that’s a key time to make sure it’s getting the nutrients it needs to repair and renew itself. Try a night-time bath with one of our After Dark Bath Oils (not only a beautiful relaxing way to end the day but also you’ll step out of the water already moisturised from top to toe). Finish with an After Dark Face Oil – they’re all beautifully sleep-inducing in their own way, so choose the one which best matches your skin (LOVE for anti-ageing; GLOW for dry skin; CALM for stressed out skin prone to reactions and breakouts).


Good for your soul

Wanderlust by Kiss the Moon

5. Spend time outdoors

Maybe it’s the good weather, but holiday season means we spend way longer than usual out of doors. That’s good news for your health and sense of wellbeing. Spending time in green spaces has been proven to have psychological and physical benefits. Studies have show that simply taking a walk in a natural area can decrease the pattern of negative thinking which is linked to an increased risk of depression.  A good place to start is to head for the trees. Trees are known to promote physical activity among people living nearby (it seems we can’t resist being out and about near them). Better still, exercising outdoors has unique benefits above and beyond indoor exercise. One analysis of 10 studies found that physical activity outdoors for as little as five minutes leads to measurable improvements in mood and self-esteem.

There’s even research showing levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lower when people exercise outdoors as opposed to indoors. And don’t even get us started on the benefits of sea air – what with all those negative ions bouncing around. Keep your vitamin D levels both at home and away by finding excuses to get outdoors whenever you can. It’s great out there.


6. Make time together

Holidaying alone has its own charms but more often than not, the Summer break is a chance to hang out with people you love spending time with. Even if you live together and see one another every day, it’s all too easy to get locked in to your own daily existence. So a break from those patterns is a way to reconnect with one another. Whether it’s love or friendship – time spent with people you enjoying being around is good for the soul. It’s how we form bonds and stay connected. Make a pledge with yourself to put time aside to hang out every week with your gang.


Good for all three

Maintain the holiday high - sleep beautifully

7. Sleep beautifully

Maybe its because the pressure is off, but we always sleep like a baby when we are on holiday. Sleep is the one thing we can do for ourselves that keeps our body, mind and soul in tip top condition. As more and more research comes to light about the health benefits of a good night’s rest, its importance is starting to be elevated. Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you look rotten, it’s been linked to everything from heart disease to cancer; Alzheimer’s to obesity.  Sleep is also key for mental wellbeing – it’s when memories get stored and our brain flushes itself of toxins.  If there’s one thing you can do to help yourself maintain your holiday high, it’s prioritise your sleep. (We’d love to help of course!)


Check out more of our sleep tips on our Bedtime Blog or treat yourself to some sleep-inducing Kiss the Moon goodies at our online shop.


Happy post-holidays everyone.




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