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February 6, 2017 - in Category: Night-time Know How
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A well-dressed bed is a joy to sleep in and makes a big contribution to the quality of our sleep. We asked the bedding experts at Soak&Sleep to share some of their top tips for how to create a bed fit for a king or queen…


Sleep is something we all strive for – whether we struggle to nod off, find ourselves tossing and turning, or simply love to get snuggly under the sheets the quest for the ultimate night’s rest is an important one. Luckily, we get to delve a little deeper than most in to the wonderful world of the perfect night’s sleep; when it comes to bedding, we hunt out the perfect filler, compositions and ingredients so that you don’t have to.


Here are the Soak&Sleep top tips for creating a bed that will help you enjoy the ultimate forty winks…


The Bare Essentials

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Getting the basics right is 80% of the task. The most beautiful room is great, but a lumpy mattress, threadbare bedlinen and flat pillow does not a good night’s sleep make! We can’t recommend a personal approach to making up a bed enough. Every single person has a different preference on how to achieve the best sleep – from finding the right pillow, to exploring the different filler options that are out there… take a deeper look, you might just be surprised at what works for you (a latex pillow – yes, really – and a wool duvet, are our personal favourites!)


Timeless Style

Soak&Sleep - Pure French Linen, grey & pale blue linen - from £18


Think of your bedroom as a hotel… is there anything better than sliding into beautifully crisp white sheets. Timeless and effortlessly chic, white linen can’t be beaten on style. Soak&Sleep’s Head of Buying, Sarah Smith shares her tips on how to get your head around those thread counts…

‘I would always recommend opting for the best bedlinen you can afford to buy. You sleep with your sheets every night, with the same sheets often lasting for several years so it’s worth investing in good quality. As a rule of thumb – the higher thread count, the better! If you like to have several sets of sheets in rotation, why not mix up the fabrics depending on the season – I love cool and airy linen for the warmer months, and something a little bit luxurious for the winter. Our 1000TC Genuisa range is pure indulgence and makes going to bed feel like a treat every single night!’ – Sarah Smith, Head of Buying



Keeping It Fresh

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Caring for your bed linens and bedding is all a part of the course (after all, once you’ve found your sleep soul mates then you’ll want to hang onto them for as long as you can!). With a little TLC your bed can stay as fresh and fluffy as ever. Whilst each product / filler / material is different, a general guide is as follows:

– Bed Linen: Each product will require a different wash so always follow the specific guidelines stated on each label. For example, our linen or cotton ranges can be popped into the washing machine, and some even benefit from a whizz in the tumble dryer. However keep silk away from all machinery! Hand-wash your silk sheets and allow them to air-dry on a billowy washing line for maximum freshness.

– Pillows & Duvets: We recommend a good wash every 6 months.

(Psst. You can find more in-depth guidelines and tips on how to care for your bedding here)


For a guide to choosing the best bedding for your sleep style, head on over to Soak&Sleep’s website for an easy-to-follow perusal. Happy snoozing, folks!





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