Ten Best Secret Walks
January 18, 2017 - in Category: We Love
Top Ten Secret Walks - National Trust recommend

If you want to do something really good for yourself this weekend, get out and go for a walk. It’ll not only help you sleep, but also make you feel better during your waking hours.


Walking outdoors fills your lungs with fresh, oxygenated air, gets the heart pumping and toxins shifted. All this and the tiredness that comes with a daily bout of physical exercise helps you sleep better at night. Walking is also a precious opportunity to get some tech-free peace and quiet. A much needed chance to gather your thoughts. Wandering and pondering – how perfect does that sound?

Choose your setting well and it’s also a way of reconnecting with nature and the big and little wonders we share the planet with. National Trust has come up with a list of their Top Ten Secret Walks and we’re intrigued. Dotted around the country, each walk has something a little magical about it – from a 1600 year old tree hidden in the woods to a cave that’s reputedly the home of the Queen of the Fairies. Each walk can be downloaded on to your phone and comes with insider tips so you can ramble like a local rather than follow the crowd. We’re going to try and collect all ten this year. See you there?


Top Ten Secret Walks - National Trust recommend


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