The Cedarwood story
July 21, 2015 - in Category: Beautiful Bathtimes About Us
cedarwood by Kiss the Moon

Cedarwood: Sweet balsamic notes used to calm anxiety & soothe aches & pains

Woody and deep, cedarwood adds a bit of aromatic oomph to our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil and avoids the Lavender becoming too sickly sweet. Cedarwood’s therapeutic properties have been recognised since antiquity. It’s revered for being a powerful antiseptic and is mildly astringent. This combination makes it great at soothing upset skin.

Cedar wood can also change your mood. It’s commonly used to reduce stress and tension – so is a perfect essential oil to use perfect before bed.

By the way – it also has a reputation as a bit of an aphrodisiac – don’t way we didn’t warn you.

Sweet dreams!

DREAM After Dark Balm by Kiss the Moon


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