What Sass Says – 12 August 2015
August 12, 2015 - in Category: Press Reviews
whatsasssays kissthemoon review

Here’s why lifestyle blogger Sass could do with a bit of help to get more out of every night’s sleep and how Kiss the Moon Bath & Face oils were able to help. Review highlights from What Sass Says….


“Sometimes, suddenly lying in bed becomes the time my mind decides to start analysing every single thing, over thinking the day that’s gone, the week ahead, even that random Tuesday 4 weeks ago manages to slip in there! Yes when this happens and sleep suddenly seems so far away, that is when it can be very frustrating. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed and counting every less hours sleep you’ll get if you fall asleep ‘now’… Or maybe ‘now’?

Recently, I was introduced to the brand ‘Kiss the Moon’. They create special oils that are intended to help you relax and resultantly have a better nights sleep. The people behind Kiss the Moon understand how it can be difficult to switch off in the 21st century yet how important a good nights sleep is for our health. They have after dark bath and face oils, ‘created from nature’s most soothing oils, combined with a handcrafted blend of essential flower essences – each one chosen for their power to relax, nourish and restore’.

I was given three scents to try, two bath oils and a face oil. They all smell gorgeous and it is easy to see how they help you to relax, just from this alone.”

whatsasssays kissthemoon review

“I don’t have baths very often but I really loved using the face oil. It felt extremely therapeutic and soothing and I definitely felt more relaxed. I can totally see how this is the perfect thing to incorporate into a night time routine. Ideal for those nights when you just want to drift off.”

What Sass Says - Kiss the Moon


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