What’s on your happy list?
October 21, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How
smile by Kiss the Moon

Ending each day on a high helps you to go to bed in a good mood and leads to a more restful night’s sleep.  It’s easier said than done some days of course.  We know that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from stress-induced insomnia at some point in our lives. Who hasn’t had nights where you lie awake worrying about something or other – getting more and more frustrated about not being able to sleep as the hours tick by?

Here’s one little trick we love to help us go to bed happy. As part of your night time routine – take a minute to make a note of three things that made you smile during that day. Write them down if you like (it’s a lovely list to look back on) or, if you prefer, just make a mental note of those things that were good about the last 24hrs.  It’s something you can easily do while you are soaking in the bath or while you are doing your end of day skincare routine.

By focussing on the positives we switch our brain in to a more optimistic frame of mind.  This dampens down worries and helps give some perspective to life.  All this helps make sure we get in to bed in a mind-state that is more conducive to drifting off to sleep.  Worth a try we think.


Also try: Our GLOW Kiss the Moon signature blend is another way to banish worries before bedtime. It’s a mood-brightening blend of orange, geranium, myrrh and litsea.  Available as an After Dark Bath Oil and After Dark Face Oil and our new Bedtime Bath Infusions.  Sweet dreams.

Kiss the Moon GLOW after Dark Bath Oil


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