Why night-time skin treatments are not enough
April 2, 2015 - in Category: Skincare Tips
Kiss the Moon, sleep better

While we are sleeping, our skin cells are hard at work, restoring and repairing themselves – a sort of in overnight clean up service that helps get rid of the old cells and helps new healthy ones take their place. If we disturb this process by disrupted sleep, our skin’s health deteriorates as does the way it looks and feels.

Estee Lauder’s skin biologist, Dr Nadine Pernodet reveals that poor sleep can change the skin’s pH balance and temperature levels, creating damage at both a surface level and at a deeper, cellular level.  As she says, “Chronic insomnia is like speed ageing – it affects every cell in your body.”

Because so much cellular activity happens at night, that’s the perfect time to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to thrive – hence the plethora of night time skin treatments that are out there.  However, whichever of these you choose, it’s unlikely to make a difference unless it’s accompanied by a decent night’s shut eye.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Oct 2013

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