Why we love long summer nights
June 28, 2015 - in Category: We Love
Long summer nights

Is there anything nicer than long, lazy days where the sun shines and the grass is warm underfoot?  As the summer stretches out in front of us, here are a few of the thing we love best about daylight that lasts long in to the evening…


1. Eating outdoors

Eating Outdoors from kissthemoon.com



2. After work park life

After work park life - from kissthemoon.com



3. Flip flops instead of slippers

Flipflop's instead of slippers from kissthemoon.com



4. Festival season

Festival season from kissthemoon.com



5. Long leisurely dog walks

Long leisurely dog walks



6. Outdoor cinema

Outdoor cinema from kissthemoon.com


Photos from our collection and spotted on pinterest.  See more of the stuff we love on our kissthemoonxx pinterest boards


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