Your 6 monthly bed check
August 13, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How
Bed Check by Kiss the Moon

How well does your bed deliver in terms of helping you get the best night’s sleep? According to the Sleep Council survey, an average bed has a seven year lifespan and during that time we’ll each spend about 20,000 hours in it. That’s a long time to be uncomfortable. So, it makes sense to invest time and effort in choosing the right one and doing regular checks to make sure it is still delivering in terms of support and comfort. We think a six monthly mattress check is a good thing to do. Here’s a guide on where to start…


– When it comes to picking a mattress, seek out something that is firm enough to support your spine so you sleep in correct alignment. It needs to be comfy too of course, too hard is no fun at all and can cause discomfort and aches. Too squishy and you’ll soon start feeling the crunch.

– Turn your mattress regularly (rotate it and flip it over) to help extend its life.

– If you share a bed with someone much lighter or heavier than you, then remember this could impact on your mattress shape on one side faster than on the other. Consider a split mattress or two singles made up as a double if you can’t find a mattress to support you both equally well.

– Keep your mattress clean by giving it a good once over with the nose of your hoover.

– Use mattress toppers and protectors to help you keep things fresh and add an extra layer of warmth and comfort when you need it. Buy two so you can rotate and wash them regularly. Having a few toppers of different thicknesses means you can change things according to the seasons. The White Company and John Lewis are both great places to buy.

Given we spend a third of our lives in our bed – so making sure it’s just right is time and money well spent we think.



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