What a thrill to be a winner in the Beauty Bible 2020 awards, "the only awards that count because they're tested on real women". The star of the show and gold award winner is our GLOW Pure Essential Oil Soap


We are so excited, not only because this is our first award win of the year, but because this is the first time this category 'Best Soap' has been created by the team at Beauty Bible. They wanted to acknowledge the "renaissance of one of the beauty world's humblest and simplest products" and mark the shift we are all feeling as we move away from heavily packaged and synthetic products and move to brands with a natural focus that offer cruelty free and vegan friendly products.



Here's what Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley from the Beauty Bible had to say:

‘We send many congratulations to Kiss The Moon for a stellar result in our latest Beauty Bible Awards. As one of our testers put it, this product is “a wellbeing hit” – which is not the usual response to a bar of soap. “It has changed the way I think about washing,” wrote one tester; “It does so much more hand just clean your hands; it really boosts something inside.” With their new soap range, Kiss The Moon really has given an often mundane category a luxury makeover and our testers hugely appreciated this handmade body cleanser, in one of the brand’s signature aromatherapeutic blends – here orange and geranium. Several of the testers said it would convert them from using liquid soap: “the first bar of soap that’s convinced me I can use it and not worry about it drying out my already dry skin,” said one, echoing others. They all commented on the gorgeous packaging and several had already bought more as gifts. It’s wonderful to see an old-fashioned product reinvented for the 21st century.”




We think a beautiful bar of soap beats liquid soap hands down. We’ve worked with the oldest soap maker in the UK, DROYT, to create these traditional style glycerine soaps with the added luxury of our relaxing essential oil blends.  Each soap is made by hand using traditional methods, simply but beautifully wrapped in compostable glassine paper, helping us all avoid unwanted plastic bottles and pumps