Still not sure about a face oil? Don't just take our word for it, here's what customers who have tried our After Dark Face Oils and have to say...



"I keep these oils beside my bed and use as I'm just about to go to sleep its absolutely gorgeous. Skin always feels amazing the day after too, I don't want to run out." MAGGIE

"I'm a complete facial oil junkie - tried many, including Trilogy, Decleor, aromatherapy associates, Ren etc. This puts the rest of them in the shade. The initial experience you get when unwrapping the beautifully packaged oil is one of pure luxury. The skin feel of the oil is superb; rich and nourishing without being greasy. And the smell is simply divine. I breathe it in before putting on my skin (always before bed), and it honestly does calm my hyperactive mind! I now have it in my 'can't live without' top 3 beauty products! Love, love, love..." JACKS

"Absolutely love this product. Smells gorgeous and I could really see a visible difference after using the oil for a few days. You also only need to use a little bit making it good value for money. Would highly recommend this product and I'm so pleased I was introduced to this brand." SARAH



"I have been using the Glow oil for nearly a month now and it certainly lives up to its name. It has been a long time since my skin looked so radiant. Four drops lightly pressed onto face under my moisturiser at night and I wake up with a glow. I have combination skin but the oil seems to balance this out. Extremely happy with product." STEPHANIE

"I honestly didn’t think I’d see the day I’d find something that would help my skin  until I found Kiss the Moon: 
1.) leaves my skin looking radiant and glowing
2.) doesn’t smell of chemicals which is amazing because you can sleep with it on.
3.) it’s not sticky! This stuff glides onto the face and it’s light also!" JESSICA

"I love to use this face oil and i was very happy with the results i achieved by using this face oil.My skin looks much healthier, hydrated and young.I would definitely recommend it to my friends.Thanks for sucha lovely product." ASMA



"I have very sensitive skin, usually very dry with occasional eczema and redness, so I have to be very careful about what I use on my face. I started using the calm face oil 3 months ago and its been fantastic. Initially I needed to use it 2-3 times a day as my skin felt dry and tight but after regular use, I now only need to apply it once a day for the same benefit. The redness and dryness has really reduced and I am now ordering my second bottle. Thanks to the kiss the moon team for making such a fantastic product :-)" PAM 

"I love all the face oils but Calm is my favourite and my go to oil. My skin was a mess, dry and I had patches of acne due to having the sleep disorder Narcolepsy- the medication and lack of sleep really hits me hard sometimes. After one night of using Calm my skin felt softer. My skin isn’t as dry anymore and it’s definitely calmed down my flare ups. Overall it’s brilliant and it smells perfect, very relaxing. It’s Definitely worth investing in a bottle of this" KAREN

"I love all the face oils. I purchased the trial set with them all and went on to purchase both the LOVE and the CALM. It doesn't make my skin look or feel oily but beautifully moisturised and smooth. The scents promotes sleep which as a mummy, I am in desperate need of. Thank you for making such wonderful products." SALLYANN

If you are still not sure which one to try, why not start with one of our Travel-Size After Dark Face Oils which will give you 2+ weeks of nightly use, enough time for your to really feel and notice the difference