A beauty tip from Asia

Our trip to Asia has given us loads of new ideas and lots of valuable information on the topics of sleep and skin.  One of the things we've found out is just how much Asian women love the power of rose oil for its ability to smooth wrinkles and for its delicate fragrance. However, the issue is that, for most areas in the region, the weather is hot and sticky most of the year, so face oils are too heavy for day time.  The solution was given to us by a beauty expert in Hong Kong.

"Just add a drop or two of of your favourite rose face oil to your day-cream each morning and then apply your cream as usual. You'll get the benefit of a beautiful scent and also dial up your day-cream's anti-ageing abilities. "

What a great idea.  Not just for daytime but also for warm, sticky summer nights (if we ever get any of those this year in the UK of course).  We're going to be trying this across all our After Dark Face Oils.  Give it a go, and please do let us know what you think.   P1000192