Thanks to British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham for picking our LOVE After Dark Pillow Mist to review.  We respect the fact that Jane is well-known only to review products she believes in and for being honest about what she thinks. So we're pleased as punch to make her list. Here's what she thought...  

"It’s a good idea to have a back-up plan for those wakeful times which is exactly what Kiss The Moon is all about. If you respond well to the relaxing nature of aromatherapy oils then the blend of Rose Absolut, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense is all about calming and comforting. There’s also a lot to be said for association – so if you associate a certain fragrance with relaxation and sleep, then so it can follow that your brain tells you to calm right down and nod off when your olfactory senses are exposed to it. Although Kiss The Moon Love Pillow Mist is all of the glam with an old style puffer to spritz, it’s quite pricy at £40. However, you literally need one spritz to get a full aromatherapy blast, so I imagine it will last a long time. I have certain bath oil blends that are super relaxing to me so I know that there are huge benefits from aromatherapy and like the idea of a fragrance that immediately triggers a sleep mode."

To read the full article from Jane click here.   Kiss-The-Moon-Love-Pillow-Mist-1-1200x1196  Read about Jane Cunningham / British Beauty Blogger "I like to showcase products I think are excellent, beautiful, and exciting, as well as give a no holds barred point of view on products that aren’t so good."