Roman Chamomile: One of the gentlest oils of all. Known for its ability to calm the senses and soothe dry or irritated skin These daisy-like flowers have been described as having an aroma of that is part apple, part English grasses. In our mind, it’s the essential oil equivalent of having a lovely supportive hug. Soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory – an oil that makes you go ahhhh. It is often used in massage to help ease muscular pains and inflamed joints so can be handy if aches and pains are what are keeping you awake. Chamomile is a godsend for very sensitive, red or dry skin and is often used to calm allergies and itch.  We've added it to our CALM After Dark Face Oil and to our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil to make them extra easy on the skin. chamomile, kiss the moon, relaxing bath oil