Summer days mean a chance to get outdoors and breathe in some lovely fresh air. The usual advice is to break free from all your technology for a while and just enjoy nature. But we say why choose between the two? In fact, your mobile phone could be the key to enjoying the Great Outdoors even more as it gives you access to a whole host of clever apps that help you explore the wonder of nature. Here are four of our favourites to get you started…  


1. CHIRP!Outdoors apps loved by Kiss the Moon

This clever little apps helps you identify birdsong and understand what our feathered friends are trying to tell us.      


2. THE NIGHT SKYOutdoors apps loved by Kiss the Moon


One of our all time favs – just step outside, point your phone to the night sky and the app will know where you are and what stars, planets and satellites you are looking at. Mind blowing.    

3. MOONOutdoors apps loved by Kiss the Moon Well of course we were going to like this one. Know whether the night skies are going to be pitch black or moonlit by tracking the sequences of the moon each month.    


4. TREE IDOutdoors apps loved by Kiss the Moon

Helps you know your elms from your alders using an easy to follow guide of leaves, shape and bark. A walk through the woods will never be the same again.  

Enjoy exploring.