CALM After Dark Face Oil review - 1 May 2015



"I have changed my evening skincare routine slightly, I felt my skin needed an extra hit of moisture not to mention those pesky fine lines appearing! SO my skin has enjoyed the effects of Kiss The Moon CALM Face Oil, a luxurious night time oil that smells so good and leaves skin looking and feeling plump and soft. My foundation looks better the following day after using this the previous evening. Loaded with Vitamin E and Rosehip oil, my tired dry skin laps this up!"

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About "I’m a busy beauty loving mummy who normally has a lipstick in one hand and a crochet hook in the other! I enjoy family life and love my weekends when the dining room table resembles something like an Art Attack episode! I’ve always loved makeup and beauty, I am a huge skincare junkie and have used an eye cream since the age of 15yrs! I’m a big believer that-Preventative is better than cure."