Ever wondered why our bath and face oil bottles are black? We’ll be honest, when we first launched, a couple of retailers told us they thought black packaging was a strange choice for a beauty brand. But we stuck to our guns for two very good reasons. Here’s why…


The first is that everything we make is all about the night-time. Beauty sleep is our obsession. Our products come to life after dark. All four of our essential oil blends are designed to help you get more out of your beauty sleep, helping relax the mind while also nourishing your skin as it repairs itself overnight. So, the perfect time to use our products is in that 20-30 minutes at the close of every day, just before you slip in to bed

The second reason? As all our products contain pure essential oils it’s important to keep out sunlight as that will start to breakdown the oils and make them less effective. Two very good reasons to celebrate and paint the town black

shelf image with kiss the moon product range