Did you see our Inflight Beauty Sleep Set in British Airways Club Magazine this month?

"It is widely agreed that we all need more sleep than we think we do. Try Kiss The Moon’s Inflight Beauty Sleep Set to relax on the flight. According to founder Jo Foster, research has shown that breathing in certain scents, such as ylang ylang and jasmine, can help bring the two ‘hemispheres’ of our brain into harmony. This helps us feel a sense of calm, and makes it easier to fall asleep."


The set contains a CALM Sleep Balm and travel size CALM After Dark Face Oil plus a pure silk eye mask and a pack of sound silencing ear plugs. Everything you need  when you fly to help ensure you get enough sleep and look after your skin at 36,000ft...

CALM In Flight Beauty Sleep by Kiss the Moon

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Sleep Tips for travellers from Kiss the Moon


Chris Baréz-Brown is the founder of Upping Your Elvis, which helps businesses realise their creative potential. His app, Wake Up!, is available on iOS and Android