Did you know that, like with juices, cold-pressing ingredients that are used in natural skincare products results in more of the active nutrients being retained and able to benefit your skin. Check out this feature in this week's Top Sante Magazine on the topic of cold-pressing.  Featuring our very own Kiss the Moon After Dark Bath Oils...

Cold-Pressed Beauty by Top Sante featuring Kiss the Moon

Our Kiss the Moon essential oils we use in our night-time skincare products are the best we can lay our hands on - therapeutic quality grown by small scale growers and treated with care to ensure they retain their skin nourishing and sleep-inducing benefits. When ti comes to the oils that means steam-distilling and cold-pressing.

IMG_8493 More about the benefits of cold-pressing form the Top Sante article - April 2016

Cold-Pressed natural beauty products by Top Sante featuring Kiss the Moon

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