Let there be Peace 

Christmas, they say is a time for peace, love and understanding. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? However, for most us the reality of this time of year is quite the opposite. As the countdown begins, stress levels rise and the to do list seems to get ever longer.

Here are three little ways we can help spread a little peace this Christmas… 

light a candle

Light a candle

Everyone getting a little tense? Our Aromatherapy Soy Candles are loaded with 100% pure essential oils specially chosen for their ability to help you chill out after dark. Light one in your living room when evening falls and the whole family will benefit. Choose from:

  • LOVE with rejuvenating Rose & Frankincense
  • GLOW with restorative Orange & Geranium
  • DREAM with soothing Lavender & Bergamot
  • PEACE with comforting Vanilla & Rosewood (LIMITED EDITION – NEW FOR CHRISTMAS)

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 bath salts christmas image on a black chair

Try a little Water Therapy

Wash away the stresses of a busy day with a deeply relaxing aromatherapy bath. It’s a perfect way to take a little well-deserved time out and prepare mind, body and soul for a good night’s sleep.

  •  Aching Muscles? Try our deeply soothing Bedtime Bath Salts

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  • Seeking softer skin? Opt for our skin-nourishing After Dark Bath Oils

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hand cream massage 

Hand Reflexology

Did you know that, just like our feet, our hands contain a stack of pressure points that relate to our whole body? Here’s how to give yourself a ten minute hand massage that you good from top to toe…

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