With Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood & Roman Chamomile, our DREAM blend is the gentlest way to drift off to sleep and soothe your skin overnight. And it is perfect for sensitive skin  



Sleep inducing essential oil well-known for its ability to relax muscles and bring calm to over-active minds The Lavender we use in our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil is naturally farmed by growers in France who pride themselves on producing highly therapeutic quality crops. This is vital to us because high quality Lavender oil has been clinically proven to help aid sleep. One of the most versatile oils of all, Lavender really is a perfect night time treat as it soothes both mind and body. As well as being an effective sedative, Lavender oil can be very skin-friendly – helping balance skin’s sebum production and encourage healthy new cells to form. It also is used to help healing and prevent scarring 




Brings a soft, subtle citrus note that lifts that mood and brightens the spirit A gentle mix of sweet lemony notes with a warm balsamic undertone. Bergamot is known as the king of essential oils and has been used in perfumes and skin care products for generations. We’ve added it to our DREAM to add a freshness to the blend and for its ability to lift the spirit and help bring positivity to the mind    




Sweet balsamic notes used to calm anxiety & soothe aches & pains Woody and deep, Cedarwood adds a bit of aromatic oomph to our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil and avoids the Lavender becoming too sickly sweet. Cedarwood’s therapeutic properties have been recognised since antiquity – a powerful antiseptic and mild astringent so good for soothing upset skin. Commonly used to reduce stress and tension and with a reputation as a bit of an aphrodisiac. Sweet dreams!     




One of the gentlest oils of all. Known for its ability to calm the senses and sooth dry or irritated skin These daisy-like flowers have been described as having an aroma that is part apple, part English grasses. In our mind it’s the essential oil equivalent of having a lovely supportive hug. Soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory – an oil that makes you go ahhhh. It is often used in massage to help ease muscular pains and inflamed joints so, if aches and pains are what are keeping you awake, it can be particularly handy. Chamomile is a godsend for very sensitive, red or dry skin and is often used to calm allergies and itchy skin