Sometimes even brains need a little time off. Sleep will allow your brain a good chunk of downtime, but it is important to give your mind a little time to drift even in wake hours. The act of doing nothing is actually still doing something as it helps the brain take a pause and reboot. What are the things that you do to dive your mind a break?

Anna - Working on a jigsaw

"I find it very hard to 'switch off' but lockdown reintroduced the jigsaw into my life. We have one on the go on an old kitchen table and every time I pass I pause to add a piece or two. Taking ten minutes whilst the tea brews to focus on finding an edge bit can be very therapeutic"

Alex - Playing with my pens

"When I want to switch off from the world I get my pens out and let my mind wander as I doodle and sketch creating patterns and forms on paper, pebbles and all sorts of different natural materials. I love to see where my mind will take me"

alex with her acrylic pen doodles

Jo  - Daydreaming on Pinterest

"Because my mind tends to think in pictures I love going for a visual wander on Pinterest. Creating mood boards for the next project I have in mind helps me unwind and feed my imagination. I’m currently working on rethinking my Yorkshire garden. All ideas welcome..."

jo's pinterest page for her garden


Wendy - a little yoga breathing

“Finding 20 minutes to stretch my body and focus on my breathing keeps me grounded in the moment and switched off from the stresses of the day.”

wendy yoga mat and tooks

Katie - Getting arty

"Drawing helps me to relax & unwind after a stressful day. Peaceful landscapes are perfect for me to find a little escapism"

katie drawing on her ipad