They say that sleeping in a bedroom dressed in dark hues is extra relaxing. Well, we can vouch for that. Take a peek at the bedroom makeover that Jo, our Kiss the Moon founder has just done in the spare bedroom of her Richmond home. Deep peacock coloured walls, velvet curtains, warm woods and splashes of charcoal grey and mustard make it feel grown up but super calming. Whatever colour you go for, here are a few tips to help you transform a room in to a pace you’ll want to fall asleep in… 

Feel it First

How do you want people to feel in the space? Relaxed? Upbeat? Sophisticated? Edgy? Soothed? Happy? Start there then think of the colours texture and objects that make you feel that way. Use that as your inspiration. Start a pinterest board and gather ideas until you can imagine how you want the space will end up being and what the key ingredients are to achieve it.


Note the 'Unchangeables'

What can’t you easily alter about the space? The light? The size? The carpet (in our case)? The place the bed will go? Think about how to work around those things and build the design around them


Find your Anchor

Choose something you love to inspire your design and build on the colours themes and texture it contains. Maybe a curtain fabric, a cushion, a piece of art…

fabric swatch for the curtains 

Decide what to Hide

Distract the eye from the things you don’t want people to see. Paint radiators the same colour as the walls. Hide clothes behind a wardrobe door. Store clutter in a beautiful box. You get the gist

paint your radiators the same colour as the walls 

Make it Yours

It’s a home, not a museum so once the bone structure of the space is sorted out take time to layer on the personal touches that make it unique. Add low lighting, cosy textures and (of course) your favourite aromatherapy candle or wax melts to transform the space in to a space want to hang out and relax in

make it your own with prized possessions


What’s what:

Paint – Rivington Blue by Abigail Ahern from Craig & Rose

Curtain fabric – Foret by Christian Lacroix from Jayne Clayton 

Bedding – Charcoal Linen from Ada & Ina 

Throw – Tana bedspread in Charcoal from LillianDaph