Don't miss a chance to pep up your skin with our award-winning brown sugar & mango butter exfoliator. This gorgeous scrub is blended with our sleep-inducing GLOW aromatherapy oils Orange, Geranium, Myrrh & Litsea to brighten your mood at bedtime

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What's the fuss all about? Our GLOW After Dark Face Polish has got itself quite a fan club. Here are four reasons why you might just want to give it a try...



Did you know that natural brown sugar is a natural source of AHA's - that means it can smooth away dead skin  at a cellular level, allowing the new plump young cells below to come through. The grain are round not jagged and dissolve slowly on contact with water which means you can control how exfoliating you want it to be based on your skin type. Just apply to clean face with a splash of water and massage gently to scrub away the old and leave you skin super smooth and radiantly healthy

Brown Sugar - using in our Kiss the Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish



After a good polish you skin really needs to be deeply moisturised. That comes in the form of a blend of deeply nourishing mango butter and pure essential oils. Once the sugar dissolves the mango butter kicks in. Just continue to massage in circular motions before washing your face clean with cold water. The results - skin that's plumped up and glowing

Mango Butter used in Kiss the Moon's GLOW After Dark Face Polish



Our deeply relaxing GLOW essential oils make the whole experience super soothing and deliver a helping of skin friendly nutrients deep in to the layers of the skin where new cells are being formed. Perfect to revive dry and dehydrated skin that's been ravaged by the sun, wind or air-con. It's an easy way to give your self a pick-me-up facial when your skin is looking a bit tired. For best results using weekly as part of your night-time skincare routine and follow with a massage with a few drops of our GLOW After Dark Face Oil

Orange & Geranium oils as used in Kiss the Moon GLOW After Dark Face Polish



All our products are made with pure natural ingredients and our face polish is no exception. Unlike lots of exfoliators on the market, our face scrub contains no microbead or micro plastics to harm the oceans and our marine life

All Kiss the Moon products are microbead free


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GLOW After Dark Face Polish by Kiss the Moon