Gorgeous silk nightwear makes the perfect Christmas gift. We're each hoping to find at least one pair of pjs and some fluffy slippers under our tree here at Kiss the Moon. Here's a round up of our favourites in the stores right now and just waiting for you to take them home...  


1. Svea Silk Gown - £285 from Toast

Get Silky from Kiss the Moon     

2. Silk Piped Night Pyjama Set - £139 from the White Company

Get Silky by Kiss the Moon     

3. Silk Piped Pyjamas - £150 from Hush



4. Ellie Leaping Stretch Silk Robe by Stella McCartney - £250 from Selfridges

Get Silky by Kiss the Moon      


5. Clementine Silk Pyjamas - £280 from Yolke

Get Silky by Kiss the Moon       

6. Pure Silk Wrap with French Rose Lace by Rosie for Autograph - £79 from Marks & Spencer

Get silky - by Kiss the Moon  

Three reasons to sleep in silk

* It feels amazing on your skin - perfect for just moisturised skin that has just stepped out of one of our gorgeous night-time baths

* It looks super chic and sexy - we love a bit of boudoir and so slinky silk fits the bill perfectly

* It's breathable so helps you maintain a constant temperature once you get under the sheets