We're very chuffed to share a snippet from this handy article from beauty & wellbeing gurus at Get the Gloss. It's all about how to stay smiling now that Summer is over. Especially as our GLOW After Dark Bath Oil gets a great big thumbs up as a perfect way to create your own sunshine through the colder months.  Have a read of this little taster and then click on the link below to read the whole caboodle... GettheGloss featuring Kiss the Moon "Feeling ‘blah’? You’re not alone, but you don’t have to put up with this autumnal apathy. Heed our eight suggestions below to go from sluggish to high spirited. No actual spirits involved, just natural highs here; you’ll be buzzing about falling leaves and such in no time."  


Soothe those aching muscles by taking time to both recover and relax. In summer it’s all too tempting to wash and go, but one of the joys of darker, colder months is lolling in the bath or steaming oneself in the shower to create a home spa situation. ‘I’m washing my hair’ is somehow more of a legit excuse for not attending that thing you didn’t want to go to anyway when autumn arrives, and there’s a bathing unction to suit every whim and requirement.

Need more energy? Lather up with Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Wash, £25, which will bring senses and stiff limbs to life with a hit of sharp and zippy grapefruit and peppermint.

If your intention is to debrief and wind down, Kiss The Moon Glow After Dark Bath Oil, £38, is as good as bathing in sunlight (which can obviously be bad for you but is undeniably immensely pleasurable). An unusual cocktail of myrrh, geranium, orange and litsea (similar to lemongrass and used within Chinese medicine), either massage it directly onto skin before climbing into a warm bath or add to warm bath water itself to feel the restorative, sleep inducing effects. Breathe deeply, think positive thoughts and enjoy sinking into bed with softer skin.

Lastly, if a detox is in order, Ila Bath Salts for Cleansing, £49, contains alpine lavender to cleanse and boost circulation, while pure himalayan salt can ease everything from joint pain to eczema (although tread carefully if you’re sensitive to essential oils)."  

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