Thank you again to British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham for checking out our new GLOW Candle and sharing her feedback. Have a read of what she thought...

"Orange and geranium is a soothing combination (it’s called the Glow candle) – it’s cocooning and comforting but as long as its a fragrance that sets your mood, you aren’t bound to that. The brand does use aromatherapy in a knowledgeable way and if you’re a believer (I am) in the power of aromas to soothe, then I’d recommend it, more as a quiet and supportive companion to your restfulness than a blast of aromatic oils." We love the idea of Kiss the Moon as 'a quiet and supportive companion to your restfulness' - thank you Jane, we're glad we could help. If you'd like to try our GLOW Orange & Geranium candle for yourself then you'll find it in the Bedside section of our online store, £38 for a 240ml candle with a 50+ hours burn time.

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iss the Moon GLOW Candle reviewed by British Beauty Blogger