Expecting visitors? Try these last minute touches can turn your guest room into the perfect comfort zone. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for little things that could make a big difference to your guest's stay.    

1. A BIG PILE OF FLUFFY TOWELS & A ROBEGorgeous guest room touches from Kiss the Moon Who doesn't love snuggling up in gorgeously soft towels? Leave a pile on the end of the bed as an invite to guests to make themselves at home in your bathroom. Long soaks and steaming hot showers on tap. How wonderful. If you really want to win their hearts, include a generous bath robe or two as well. Towelling robes are too bulky for most guests to bother packing, but tend to be much appreciated as a way to avoid any embarrassing dashes from the bathroom after that late night bath. Hydrocotton Towels in Stone - from £5 & robes from £52.50 from The White Company    



Gorgeous guest room touches from Kiss the Moon Extend the invite to enjoy the bathroom by leaving them their very own travel set of mini shampoos, conditioners and soaps. We love these handbag gift sets by the beautiful Ortigia - one of our favourite brands to use in the shower. Available in lots of beautiful fragrances, so loads to choose from. We love this pomegranate collection the best because is so festive looking. Orgitia Handbag Gift Sets - £30 online and from selected stockists round the country  



Gorgeous touches for your guest room from Kiss the Moon Make sure your guests are warm enough through the night. 19degrees celsius is the perfect temperature to sleep at - any colder and they'll have a restless night. Guest rooms often have the central heating true doff when not in use so make sure you switch the radiators on a night or two before your guests arrive. And leave them a cosy hot water bottle to take off the chill for an extra bit of TLC. Sheepskin hot water bottle - £50 from Cox & Cox    



Gorgeous guest room touches from Kiss the Moon A lovely throw within arms reach doesn't just help provide an extra layer of warmth if you need it through the night - it also makes your bed look well dressed and 'finished'. Whether you go for the tucked in a smart look or prefer it thrown casually over the end of the bed - no matter. We are lusting after this chunky knit beauty. It makes us want to curl up with a good book and get extra comfy. Prairie Chunky Throw - £149.95 from Anthropologie  



After Dark Pillow Mists from Kiss the Moon Scent their room with something lovely. Of course, we are a little bias, but we have to choose our very own Kiss the Moon Pillow Mist - gentle lavender infused DREAM or soft and romantic rose-infused LOVE. 100% natural and made with real flower water and sleep-inducing essential pils. Just put by the bedside so your guests and spritz the bedding before they slip under the sheets. A beautiful night's sleep all round. 


6. GREAT STUFF TO READGorgeous guest room touches We love turning up places where there's a juicy pile of books or magazines and an invite to browse. Think about what your guests might love and have a pile of new mags and a book or two ready and waiting by the bedside.  


7. TWINKLE, TWINKLEGorgeous guest room touches from Kiss the Moon Getting the lighting right is key to making any room feel just right. As it's Christmas, we think that should include a string of lovely fairy lights. Wrap them round the bedhead or rap over a mirror for an instant bit of Christmas magic. Your guests will love you for it. Silver Pine Cone Christmas Lights - was £18, now £12 from   Have an amazing Christmas. With love from Kiss the Moon xx   PS> We love this glamorous bedroom shown in the featured image from - love that fake fur dark walls & fresh flowers - right up our street.