Have you heard about heirloom gardening? It’s all about preserving the breadth of plants (both edible and not) that people grow. Here's how you can get involved and why you might just want to...

Commercial agriculture has reduced the number of species cultivated down to what’s most efficient. As a result a whole raft of other species are becoming extinct. That’s a shame, not only because it means losing a whole load of things that are interesting to eat and admire, but also because it is import to keep the natural world around us diverse so it stays genetically robust. Want to know more? Check out this book, Heirloom Plants by Thomas Etty & Lorraine Harrison to get you started. If you are already a passionate gardener you might want to check out Garden Organics – they not only offer advice and rare seeds for sale, they also are seeking out people who can become Seed Guardians – adopting ‘orphan rare breeds’ that need a loving home and helping to create a seed bank of them to protect their species for the future. This could be your big chance to save the Snowball Turnip or the Green Zebra Tomato. Don’t let them down.

Heirloom Gardening - by Kiss the Moon