Fab to be featured in The Independent's round of "10 best candles for Spring to lift you out of hibernation". We agree, as these days are getting longer it's time for a fresh seasonal scent

"As the short, dark days of winter lift, it’s time to shelve the warm, heady, enveloping scents of patchouli, orange and amber, and pick something fresher, lighter and enlivening; the candle equivalent of a bracing coastal walk to blow the cobwebs away.

A lot of candles – often, but not always, cheaper ones – smell great when you give them a sniff in the shop but aren’t powerfully fragranced enough to fill your home when lit.

As well as boasting great scents, our picks are potent, too, meaning you don’t need to burn them for as long to release the scent, making them better value for money.

GLOW is a restorative, happy, warm scent, perfect for winding down or having a quiet night in. Orange, litsea (a citrus shrub used in Chinese medicine to “calm the mind and spirit”) and geranium combine into a spa-like but not overly heady or cloying fragrance."

Ready for a little uplift before bedtime? Go on treat yourself to a GLOW Aromatherapy Soy Candle

glow candle