HIP & HEALTHY - 8th April 2020


Proud to have our LOVE Night Cream for Hands included amongst the 'Top 10 Hand Heroes to Combat Dryness', here are some wise words from Hip & Healthy's Frankie Rozwadowska:

'Did you know that your hands are the first part of your body susceptible to signs of ageing? Think about that the next time you slather on your expensive serum or fancy face cream but neglect your mitts. What’s even worse is that our hands are taking an extra battering thanks to the constant washing and slathering on of sanitizer like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, this is essential in the fight against coronavirus, but it leads to super dry, stressed-out hands, that are often red, raw and itchy. Not ideal. So, give your hands a… well, helping hand, with Hip & Healthy’s edit of the top hand heroes that will help protect and perfect no matter what life throws your way.'

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