You could say that smell is our most ancient sense. It’s registered in one of the oldest parts of our brain - the limbic system - along with the other activities that are vital to our survival such as hunger, thirst, memory, sexual response and - importantly - sleep. Smell and sleep it seems, have been woven together from the beginning.  



It’s well documented that smell is closely linked to memory - the smell of tangerines immediately makes me think of watching Disney films on TV during the Christmas holidays when I was small, for example. What’s even more interesting is how different scents have the power to influence how calm we are and therefore how readily we can get to sleep. Research has shown that breathing in certain scents can help to bring the two hemispheres of our brain in to harmony (the left hand - logical, intellectual side and the right hand - intuitive, feeling side). When they are in harmony we experience feels of calm and wellbeing. Some scents, known as the ‘calming antidepressants’ in the world of aromatherapy (such as jasmine, rose and neroli essential oils) can influence both sides, changing the brains rhythm, helping to induce a state close to meditation. The more balanced our brains are, the safer we can feel and therefore the easier it is to fall in to a restful sleep.



Our sense of smell is also very intuitive. Smells that we are drawn towards are probably doing us some good at a subconscious level. Similarly, those that make us curl up our noses are probably best avoided. What works for one person might not work for the next. That's why we've developed four sleep-inducing signature blends - so you can find your best match and a scent that works for you.  (If you want to try them all out, invest in one of our Discovery Sets - they contain six mini bath & face oils and cover all four of our blends, so you can find the one that works best for you or that best meets your needs each night. They're a perfect introduction to the Kiss the Moon range.)





Another reason to surround yourself with beautiful aromas at bedtime. Researchers in Germany have discovered that going to bed in a sweetly scented room can help you to wake up happier. They filled the bedroom of sleeping subjects with either the scent of rose or of rotten egg. The rose sleepers consistently reported back with more positive dreams and woke up feeling more content - suggesting that pleasant smells could help you wake up feeling better about the day ahead. To delicately scent your room before sleeping, try our 100% natural our After Dark Pillow Mists available in LOVE (rose, frankincense, palmarosa & ylang ylang) or DREAM (lavender, bergamot, cedarwood & chamomile - now available from the Bedside section of our online store (£40 for 100ml).


Kiss the Moon Pillow Mists

Sleep beautifully everyone xx