Five simple ways to transform your spare room into a haven for your guests to sleep in this bank holiday...  

Clear the Clutter No-one wants to sleep surrounded by your shoe collection (even if they are Chie Miharas). Clear away your stuff to create a calm, well-organised space. Storage boxes are your friend.    

Have a Sleepover How comfy is your spare bed? Is the room dark enough? Quiet enough? Warm enough? Sleep there one night a week or two before your guests arrive so you have time to sort out anything that makes the place a tricky space to sleep in  

Get Cosy Crisp, clean sheets, supportive pillows and a duvet and spare blanket or two are all must-haves. Bonus points if you got the extra mile and provide a pair of toasty pair of bedsocks and a hot water bottle  

Delight their Senses Our sense of smell is a fast track way to help guests relax and get sleepy. One of our pillow mists or a sleep balm on their bedside table will do the job nicely. Don't forget the other senses too - sumptous fabrics, colourful art, a jug of flavoured ices water, a radio tuned in to Classic FM. You get the idea...  

Light it Right Low lighting before bedtime helps us get sleepy so, as well as the main light and a reading light, add a twist of fairy lights around a picture frame of mirror to bring a touch of extra sparkle after dark  

Insomnia defined - article by Kiss the Moon