For the 18 million of Britons who suffer from hayfever, the warmer months bring with them the threat of streaming eyes and sneezing fits. Now it seems, hayfever has been proven to also mess with our sleep. According to a study by Boots, 64% of sufferers say the condition impacts on how well they sleep. Another has shown that when pollen levels are at their highest, over an hour of sleep can be lost in a night. Here are our tips to make sure the sneezing doesn't get in the way of your shut-eye...  



Though trees are usually done with their pollen-fest by late Spring, Summer days see the weeds and grasses join the party and pollen levels often reach their seasonal height. Hayfever symptoms are usually worse in the early morning (when pollen is released) and again at night (as pollen falls back to ground level). Pollen sticks to our hair, skin and to fabric, so we often carry it in to our homes and in to the bedroom when it lingers. Just waiting to annoy us and stop us getting the beauty sleep we all need.  



1. Pay a visit to your local chemist and check out the latest remedies available. Lots of treatments available have something added to stop you feeling drowsy. Great for daytime but not for bedtime, so make sure you check with the pharmacist for something that won't interfere with your sleep patterns 

2. Do what you can to avoid bringing pollen into your bedroom. Get changed in to your indoor clothes as soon as you get home (ideally do this in the bathroom and drop the clothes you have been out in straight in to the laundry basket). Have a bath or shower before bed (wash your hair too) so you get in to bed pollen-free

3. Don't dry your bedding on an outdoor washing line in the pollen season. If you do, they'll get dosed in the stuff while they are hanging out there. Dry indoors or tumble dry instead 

4. Sleep with your bedroom window closed to stop pollen getting in that way. If you need a breeze then try a fan instead

5. Dab a little Vaseline on the inside of each nostril before you switch out the light. It's an effective pollen trap for any particles that have sneaked in to the room    

We hope this helps you to sleep beautifully this Summer. xx  


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How to stop hayfever disturbuting your sleep - by Kiss the Moon