Our poor feet come in for so much abuse. Whether it's walking or standing all day on the job or being squished in to party shoes and dancing the night way. 

Here are four quick tips to help you ease those aching feet as part of your night-time wind down routine...    



As soon as you get home take your shoes off and walk barefoot (or in socks only) for a little while. It lets your feet return to their natural, unconstrained shape and bring some gentle ease. Shoes can limit the flexibility and mobility of the foot, whereas walking barefoot results in a more natural gait. When we are shoe free, our foot's natural rocking motion takes over, allowing us to walk in a way that is gentler on the lower leg as we tend to hit the ground with less collision force.

Try this: Sit in a hardback chair and roll a tennis ball under your barefoot, (one foot at a time). It will help to stretch out your foot muscles gently and stimulate the reflexology touchpoints on the soles of your feet at the same time.



It really does pay to put your feet up at the end of the day. Elevating our legs helps to negate gravity and allow blood and lymph fluid to exit the lower legs and get the circulation flowing.

Try this: If your feet are really throbbing and show signs of swelling then raise them above heart height while you lie on the sofa (or prop them up on a cushion when you go to bed). Avoid crossing your legs or ankles as this blocks circulation when what you need is to get it flowing.

 bent knees feet up



Soaking in a warm bath containing Epsom Salts is a great way to ease aching muscles all over our body, including our legs and feet. It contains magnesium which helps to detox and reduce inflammation. The Epsom Salt Industry Council also say that regular use can help to flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances. No time for a full bath? Then treat yourself to a foot bath instead.

Try this: Our Bedtime Bath Salts contain Epsom Salts, mineral rich Dead Sea Salts combined with soothing essential oils, real flowers and white tea leaves. Drop some in to a deep warm bath and allow the salts to melt and the oils to diffuse in to the water. Then lie back and relax

 foot soak



A little DIY foot massage can be heaven at the end of a busy day. Sit somewhere comfortable and gently massage each foot in turn. Our luxurious DREAM Night CReam for Feet has the perfect rich texture. Don't forget to have a towel and some footwear at the ready so you don't risk slipping when you stand.

Try this: Did you know that our DREAM blend is the perfect choice for feet as the essential oils and flower waters it contains (Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Chamomile) are beautifully relaxing and effective at soothing easing muscles and tired limbs as well as healing hard skin.  Pj's on, feet up and relax...


foot massage with dream night cream for feet