In praise of Jasmine


If rose is the queen of flower oils then jasmine is the king.  These delicate, white flowers have their own magic power when it comes to encouraging us to have a restful night’s sleep.  Famed for their heavy, long lasting perfume, the flowers are harvested at night when the aromas are at their most powerful.   Although jasmine grows in abundance, it takes a vast about of flowers to produce the oil.

The hypnotic scent is known to be relaxing and emotionally warming.  It is often used by aromatherapists when dealing with clients with depression as it calms the soul and promotes feelings of confidence and optimism.  

In terms of skin properties, jasmine oil is useful for toning dry, greasy and irritated skin and its gentle action means it is suitable for sensitive skin types.  It can aid skin elasticity and be helpful as part of anti-scarring remedies, so is a favourite with new Mum’s after giving birth to treat stretch marks.

Clever little flower.