Co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington wants to tell you something. Her book aims to shines the light on what she describes as ‘the centre of our overall vitality' – or put another way, sleep.   

As she says: "When we sleep well, we feel better, and vice versa. We may be what we eat, but also, to be sure, we are how we sleep.” Arianna’s book is a mix of research and advice.

The research part focuses on the huge amount of new information that is being unearthed in to the third of our lives that has until now been largely forgotten. The new ‘golden age of sleep science’ is starting to reveal the ways in which sleep influences everything from our health to our emotional intelligence and creativity. The advice part comes in the form of suggestions on how to take control of your own sleep hygiene and get the rest your body really needs.

All in all it makes for a fascinating read for anyone interested in staying happy, healthy and well. The Sleep Revolution.

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